Indoor Cleaning Services

Operating in the South West from our base in Keynsham, Bristol, and in the West Midlands from our base in Tamworth, Staffordshire, our professional cleaners have many years of experience and can tackle all types of indoor cleaning jobs, however big or small.

Cleaning Services

Do you have leather sofas, arm-chairs, foot pillows, pouffes or other leather furniture or upholstery in your home? Perhaps you have a favourite leather jacket or full biking leathers that could do with a good clean. At Pixies, we are experts in cleaning leathers of all kinds and all finishes, and can also apply protective treatments to deter future staining.

Additionally, if your leather upholstery is damaged, we can repair scratches, holes and cuts and re-colour it too

Cleaning Services

At Pixies, we are not only leather specialists, but also able to clean all kinds of soft upholstery. If you have non-leather sofas and chairs in your home, or cushions with non-leather covers, Pixies have the know-how to clean them. We can even clean bags and coats for you!

Additionally, we supply spotting products that you can use yourself to keep your upholstery looking in tip-top condition after a visit from us.

Cleaning Services

Mattresses are one of the most heavily-used surfaces in your home and can be subject to all kinds of stains and spills over their lifetime. They can also harbour house dust mites and bedbugs, and it can be beneficial to the health of their occupants to keep them regularly cleaned.

At Pixies, we offer a specialised mattress cleaning service that will leave the mattresses you and your household use in the best possible condition for their age.

Cleaning Services

Curtains and blinds tend to attract grease and grime over time, as a result of being handled by people opening and closing them, and sometimes as a result of dust and dirt getting onto them from the windows behind them or from objects standing on the windowsills of the windows where they are hung.

At Pixies, we have the know-how to clean all kinds of curtains and blinds in situ, without dismounting them from their hangings, saving you time and trouble.

High Reach

If you live or work in a room that has hard-to-reach high areas that require cleaning from time to time, you may see no alternative to laborious and dangerous work on a ladder. However, there is a safer and quicker alternative: high-reach vacuuming, using a specially constructed telescopically extending vacuum cleaner.

Our telescopic vacuum cleaners can precisely clean surfaces at a distance of up to 12 metres, saving the need for climbing ladders or raising scaffolding

Cleaning Services

We offer carpet cleaning, professional leather furniture, restoration and repair services, curtain and blind cleaning, mattress cleaning, driveway and guttering cleaning, high-reach vacuuming, flood clean-up and insect control.

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