High Reach Vacuuming

High Reach Internal Vacuuming.

Internal High Reach Capabilities
Internal High Reach Capabilities for open plan offices, Show Rooms

Help Create a clean and safe working environment and give your prospective customer the best first impression possible.

Internal Vacuuming
We Clean all those hard to reach area’s with all the fuss

Clean all those difficult areas such as beams, signs, girders, canopies and ceilings. We can reach up to 12 meters so most areas can be cleaned without the need for scaffolding or large ladders.

Thank you for cleaning my carpets the other day and for being available at
such amazingly short notice. Really made a big difference for when my
flatmates moved in and I’m amazed at your rescue of the living room carpet!I’ll give you a call when I’m in a position to get the other carpet cleaned particularly given what you could do with the others.

Thanks again,

Will Hooper