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Carpet beetle

Carpet Beetle Life Cycle
Carpet Beetle Life Cycle

The varied carpet beetle is a 3 mm-long beetle belonging to the family Dermatitides. This beetle can be a serious household pest. They are often found in foodstuffs and occasionally in grain, Adult carpet beetles seek the light and live out doors on plants but can be found roaming indoors. Carpet beetle larvae, known as ‘woolly bears’, avoid the light and live indoors, usually in dark, quiet places. Larvae are also often found in bird’s nests and usually beetles gain access to properties via the loft from bird’s nests in the eaves. They usually spread down in to the property via the airing cupboard


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bed bugs feeding
bed bugs feeding

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are small, brown insects that feed on warm blooded animals. Bed bugs stay close to a food source, so are found where people tend to rest and sleep, This is why they are called bed bug.There are many signs of bed bugs. One would be seeing the bugs. Adult bed bugs are about the shape and size of an apple pip, another second sign would be old skins. As the juvenile bugs grow, they shed their skins.

After feeding, bed bugs return to their point of safety to hide. They eventually defecate in these areas, which appears as black to brown stains/mounds on surfaces.

Bites also may indicate bed bug activity, but further signs will need to be found, since other sources can cause red welts on the skin.


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